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We have a project with “Himax HX7097 800x480 0.28inch micro display”. The display has 39 pins and working with RGB888 in 120Hz. There will be hdmi input and the display will show the data coming from hdmi. Can you suggest me a controller board solution for this display and possibly we will need custom connector pcb for prototyping. Also we will get design housing solution for this display for end pcb. I can share datasheet in pm. Can you suggest me one to get support?

Waiting your kind reply,


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Hi @aerbey,

The following development boards should fit the hdmi and i/o needs for your application: the Arty-Z7-20 here with sink and source hdmi , 2 pmod ports and the Arduino/Chipkit header for i/o, the Genesys 2 here with sink and source hdmi ,4 pmod ports and the HPC FMC for i/o and the Nexys Video here with sink and source hdmi, 3 pmod ports and a LPC FMC for i/o.  We would not have any suggestions for who to contact about making a custom pcb and housing solutions.

thank you,


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Hello jpeyron.

Thanks for your kind reply. I will order Arty-Z7-20 and try it out. 

I want to ask, after i make development with this board. when i want to make smaller custom pcb  or my own pcb with same development, how can i migrate my development and design. Is there a guide on this.

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