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Bui Cuong

---XADC— Value of external voltage doesnt change on Tera Term VT?


now I configure XADC on Zynq-702 Evaluation Board to measure voltage (0->1 V) on VP_VN, Vaux_8 and Vaux0.

The problem is: When I see the value on Tera Term VT, the values of VP_VN, Vaux_8, and Vaux0 don't change when changing the external voltage value. They only change when I reset the system or  when I start Programing HW(.bit) and Launching SW (.elf) into Kit again



. Any suggestion for me?

This is my HW: 




This is my SW (SDK):

#include <stdio.h>
#include "platform.h"
#include "xadcps.h"
#include "xil_types.h"
#include "sleep.h"
#define XAdcPs_RawToExtVoltage(AdcData) ((((float)(AdcData))* (1.0f))/65536.0f)

static XAdcPs XADCMonInst;

int main()

    XAdcPs_Config *ConfigPtr;
    XAdcPs *XADCInstPtr = &XADCMonInst;
    int Status_ADC;
    // VP_VN
    u32  VP_VNRaw;
    float VP_VNData;

    // Vaux 0
    u32 Vaux_0Raw;
    float Vaux_0Data;

    // Vaux 8
    u32 Vaux_8Raw;
    float Vaux_8Data;

    // Vref P
    u32 VrefPRaw;
    float VrefPData;

    printf("Man and Device \n ");

    // XADC initial
    ConfigPtr = XAdcPs_LookupConfig(XPAR_AXI_XADC_0_DEVICE_ID);
    if (ConfigPtr == NULL ){
        return XST_FAILURE;

    Status_ADC = XAdcPs_CfgInitialize(XADCInstPtr,ConfigPtr,ConfigPtr->BaseAddress);

    if ( XST_SUCCESS != Status_ADC ){
        printf("XADC failed initial");
        return XST_FAILURE;
    // self test XADC
    Status_ADC  = XAdcPs_SelfTest(XADCInstPtr);
    if (XST_SUCCESS != Status_ADC){
        printf("XADC failed self test");
        return XST_FAILURE;


        // VP_VN
        VP_VNRaw = XAdcPs_GetAdcData(&XADCMonInst,XADCPS_CH_VPVN);
        VP_VNData = XAdcPs_RawToExtVoltage(VP_VNRaw);
        printf("Raw VP_VN %lu   Data VP_VN %f \n\r", VP_VNRaw, VP_VNData);

        // Vaux0
        Vaux_0Raw = XAdcPs_GetAdcData(&XADCMonInst,XADCPS_CH_AUX_MIN);
        Vaux_0Data = XAdcPs_RawToExtVoltage(Vaux_0Raw);
        printf("Vaux_0Raw %lu   Vaux_0Data %f \n\r", Vaux_0Raw, Vaux_0Data);

        //Vaux 8
        Vaux_8Raw = XAdcPs_GetAdcData(&XADCMonInst,XADCPS_CH_AUX_08);
        Vaux_8Data = XAdcPs_RawToExtVoltage(Vaux_8Raw);
        printf("Vaux_8Raw %lu   Vaux_8Data %f \n\r", Vaux_8Raw, Vaux_8Data);

        VrefPRaw = XAdcPs_GetAdcData(&XADCMonInst,XADCPS_CH_VREFP);
        VrefPData = XAdcPs_RawToVoltage(VrefPRaw);
        printf("VrefPRaw %lu    VrefPRaw %f \n\r", VrefPRaw, VrefPData);
        // delay function
        usleep(500000); // delay 5ms

    return 0;

This is my Tera Term VT (to see external voltage :    ) They dont change value when changing external voltage on VP_VN, Vaux_8, and Vaux0 .

Edited by Bui Cuong

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Hello @Bui Cuong,

Please deactivate the XAdcPs_SetAvg(XADCInstPtr,XADCPS_AVG_64_SAMPLES); function, and see if your issue still persist. If yes, please let me know and I will try to replicate your entire setup. Unfortunately I don't have the Zynq-702 Evaluation Board, so I will try your setup with a different Zinq Board, and see if i encounter the same problem. Until then, because your evaluation board it's a Xilinx one, please put the same question on their forum. There are big chances to find in there people that are more familiar with this board than me. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Regards,

Bogdan Vanca   

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