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Cmod A7 35T programming issues


I just received one of these boards and have been able to carry out the most basic tutorials, but the programming interface seems very flaky.

I note on other forum threads like this:


that other users have also had issues. There has been some suggestion that USB cables are an issue.

This is a problem. I previously used a different board with a Spartna FPGA and a Digilent JTAG Hs3, and I was able to program the board very reliably - in a second or two. I was able to put a PicoBlaze on the target with no problems, and update the code very efficiently. However that board is no longer available, so I selected the CMod as a replacement for a project which is quite critical.

I just don't have time for flaky interfaces, debugging other people's problems, or randomly swapping cables and hoping. Is there any way to program the CMOD with the HS3? Is there any proven resolution for the USB programming problem? 





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Hello @danmcb,

Unfortunately it's not possible to program the CMOD A7 with HS3. And that it's because you don't have any external access to the JTAG Interface. You can try to manually solder some wires between the on-board JTAG interface and HS3, but I personally don't recommend it. It's a messy job and there are big chances to destroy the board.  I don't know why we chose to not include the J4 connector from S6 on A7. I may be annoying but right know my only advice for you is to use better grades USB cables.                                                                                              

Best Regards, Bogdan Vanca 

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