Arduino Time of Arrival HC-SR04

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Good day,
My graduation assignment is a prototype of a localization module to be used inside a greenhouse.

The method that I am using is Time Difference of Arrival. The two signals that are part of it are radio frequency via an XBee and ultrasonic signal via a HC-SR04. My goal is to use four beacons and one tag to establish the localization prototype.

Currently, I am facing a problem that I cannot solve which is letting the HC-SR04 communicate with one another. The goal is let one(tag) HC-SR04 work(

)  as a transmitter and the other (beacons) as receivers. Therefore, I am able to send an ultrasound signal and time the duration thereof.

Furthermore, I am able to calculate the difference between the XBee and the Ultrasound units. Once, this is executed the distance can be obtained between

I hope this provides clarity of what I am doing, and I kindly ask you for support.

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide. BR,


N.B. Is it possible for the HC-SR04 to work as a receiver? If not, what are the possibilities to let an ultrasound module work as a receiver or transmitter?

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Hi @circuit12,

I have not worked with the HC-SR04. The product description here says that each HC-SR04 module includes an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver and a control circuit. Here is a forum thread that talks about using this component. Here is an instructable with an arduino and the HC-SR04.

thank you,


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