Greetings all, 

 I have gone through the xuartlite interrupt system example many times.But still I could not able to understand the process of the example.

My task :

1. A process will be continuously running in a while loop,

2. If an interrupt ( a string "RING") in the receiver buffer of  uartlite occurs, the first process should stop and the interrupt handling process should occur.

3. After the interrupt handling, the first process should continue.

Anybody having any idea how to resolve this? Thank you in advance.

PS: If there is any clear explanation about the xilinx provided uartlite interrupt example anywhere in the internet, please kindly provide the link. It would be really helpful 

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Hello @Sridhar Prasath Aruppukottai Ganesan,

Unfortunately, those of us here at Digilent are not familiar enough with Xilinx's UartLite interrupt example to be able to readily be able to explain and modify their demo. As Jon mentioned on your other thread, you'll likely need to reach out to Xilinx support on their forum for some additional support. We did find this blog that talked about using UART interrupts on a FPGA that might be helpful to you.


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hello @JColvin Thanks for the reply and your support. I have been working on the interrupts for the past month. I think I have already found one possible solution for my query. But I think your support and help would be also very helpful in moving forward. I will definitely go through the content given in the link. Thank you.

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