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Program CoolRunner XCR3256 with .JED and HS1



I am trying to use the Digilent HS1 JTAG programmer to program a CoolRunner XCR3256 with an existing .JED file without success.  Should this be possible?

When trying with the Digilent Adept software (Runtime 2.16.1 and App 2.7.1), the software sees the CoolRunner and returns a device number.  But I only have Config and Settings tabs.  When browsing for my JED file, only SVF files are offered.  If I select my JED anyway, the Program button never becomes active.

The HS1 manual indicated it should also work with the Xilinx IMPACT programmer.  But when trying to use IMPACT version 7.4 with the HS1, it doesn't even recognize the HS1.  What versions DO work with the HS1?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, WT

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You can actually program the Cool Runner II through USB port. I extracted this from the reference manual.



The CoolRunner-II board's CPLD must be configured (or programmed) by the user before it can perform any functions. Files can be created from schematics or HDL source files using the free ISE WebPack software from Xilinx. Configuration files can be transferred to the CoolRunner-II board using a USB cable and Xilinx's iMPACT software or using an external programming cable (not included). Once configured, the CPLD retains its state indefinitely. When the CoolRunner-II board is powered on, the most recently loaded CPLD configuration is available immediately. A new configuration can be loaded at any time, and as soon as a new configuration is loaded, it defines the CPLD's behavior. 

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First of all, you shouldn’t use Adept to program this CPLD. Adept should only be used for Digilent boards, or FPGAs/CPLDs existing on Digilent boards.


You should use iMPACT for it.

This is how iMPACT recognizes a different CPLD (XC2C256), connected through HS1:



And this is how the cable setup should look:



Best Regards,

Cristian Fatu


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