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PMODIA Impedance Analyzer with Arduino



I am unclear on whether the PmodIA works with Arduino. If I get the digilent arduino core will I be good to go, or do I need a digilent board to use it? Also, is it possible to modify the pmodia to use it on lower frequencys/impedance so it could be used for batteries?


Thank you!

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Hi @cverd,

The Pmod IA works with the Arduino IDE. Unfortunately, we haven't had time to make a demo for the pmod IA. There is a project here made by a community member using a Raspberry PI that was able to get the Pmod IA to fully work. I believe the Pmod IA's range is from 2 to 200 Ohms, from 5Hz to 20kHz. I am not aware of a way to lower the frequency range as discussed at the bottom of this thread here

thank you,


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