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Zybo-z7-10, FSBL does not work



I am trying to run the fsbl and hello world on Zybo-z7-10, but seems like it does not work.

When I tried to run the fsbl, it shows the message like this.



I build this project step by step learning from a video on youtube, the hardware and software part. I post this link at the bottom.

The output in terminal is supposed like this, tell me Boot mode is JTAG, but now it is not.



Does anyone know why this happen?

 If FSBL does not run successfully, the other parts in my project won't work as well since the the clock and interrupts from PS side are not activated.

For example, in EnableSampleGenerator, I assign 32 and 1 to GPIO, but when I read from it, they are still 0.

Also after I start first DMA transmission, when it finishes, there should be an interrupt, and in the interrupt I start another DMA transmission.

Now seems like the interrupt never happens, so I seriously doubt the FSBL does not run properly.


Thanks a lot 


in int main()








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Hi @zengqin3,

Please attach your project. Here is a project for the original Zybo that should be a good reference for using the first stage bootloader. The zynq book here with tutorials is a good reference as well.

thank you,


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