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Max32 MPLABX tutorials


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Hi @Usmanrashid,

I am not aware of a step by step guide for MPLABx using the MAX32. Here is the MPLAB® X IDE User’s Guide that should be helpful with using the MAX32. Follow information for the PIC32 and use the schematic and reference manual on the resource center here to alter information/code to work with the MAX32. Page 2 of the reference manual  here states that  J11: Microchip Debug Tool Connector  is used to connect Microchip programmer/debugger tools, such as the PICkit™ 3, for in-circuit serial programming (ICSP). This allows the Max32 board to be used as a traditional microcontroller development board using the Microchip MPLAB® IDE. Here is the Digital learn web site with mplab as the search parameters. The Basys MX3 resource center here has a lot of MPLABx information that can be altered to work with the MAX32.

thank you,


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I've done quite some work with this board, and I have a mini-RTOS that I use on it. Am planning to post the source on github sometime, when I do I will let you know.

basically it isn't that hard, if you know MPLAB - this is what is involved:

1. set up an MPLABX project with the right chip variant.

2. set up config registers on the chip to use the correct clock (external xtal oscillator is a good basic option for this board), you could also use the internal RC if you wanted although not much point.

3. write a very simple C program - I suggest just main() with a silly loop to turn on and off the user LED

4. compile and load, see if you can get the LED flashing

If this works, you are off! Next step would probably be to get the UART working so you have debug output. (You can easily do this over USB with this board as it has the hardware on board.)



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