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Power Supply by Analog Discovery 2

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   I am a recent fan of Digilent. As a student I would like and recommend to have a fine measurement device like Analog Discovery 2 in combination to any digital/analog development. It provides a great insight into the working of your device, doesn’t matter either it is FPGA, Microcontroller based design, or purely Analog.
   One important point I would like to raise is that I have right now downloaded the Waveforms software of Analog Discovery 2 in order to see in detail that what it offers. I found that in the section of power supply, there is no option available to get 3.3V out of Analog Dicovery 2 to power our circuitry, rather we can get 3V or 4V. Since we know that many of the devices now a days work on 3.3V (like microcontrollers etc.) therefore I would suggest that it should be a must have option in the power supply options 😉
On best case, a user adjustable power supply option would be great 😉

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