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Piotr Rzeszut

WaveForms Protocol UART issue



I have noticed an issue in WF 3.8.8 (beta) x64 Windows

To reproduce:

  1. Run WF (device already plugged in - in my case DD)
  2. Run Protocol
  3. Enter a text in TX window (see attached image)
  4. Click send
  5. The Send button remains presses
  6. Click send again
  7. Change the text
  8. Click Send button
  9. Old text appears again


ad. 3.


ad. 5. 


ad. 6.


ad. 9.


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Hi @Piotr Rzeszut

The send button looks pressed due to a graphical glitch.
For now, to prevent the previous text loading please select 'docking windows' option.
These are fixed for the next version.

Thank you for your observations.


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