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Facing error in the rgb2dvi IP


Hello all,

I have got hold of the Digilent Zybo Video Workshop, Paris, France, 23.03.2017 PDF. I am following "Task Two" there in, at page 16 - Create a pass-through video pipeline.

I want to implement this using a Z7-10 and using Vivado 2017.4. I will be using 720p resolution video (TMDS input clock < 80MHz).

I have build the BD and is as shown below. This you can find in the PDF at page 26 and is exactly the same.


The design is synth properly but during bitstream generation I get the following error.

[DRC PDRC-34] MMCM_adv_ClkFrequency_div_no_dclk: The computed value 2475.248 MHz (CLKIN1_PERIOD, net CLK) for the VCO operating frequency of the MMCME2_ADV site MMCME2_ADV_X0Y1 (cell hdmi_i/rgb2dvi_0/U0/ClockGenInternal.ClockGenX/GenMMCM.DVI_ClkGenerator) falls outside the operating range of the MMCM VCO frequency for this device (600.000 - 1200.000 MHz). The computed value is (CLKFBOUT_MULT_F * 1000 / (CLKINx_PERIOD * DIVCLK_DIVIDE)). Please run update_timing to update the MMCM settings. If that does not work, adjust either the input period CLKINx_PERIOD (6.059999), multiplication factor CLKFBOUT_MULT_F (15.000000) or the division factor DIVCLK_DIVIDE (1), in order to achieve a VCO frequency within the rated operating range for this device.

To get around, I edited the rgb2dvi_ooc.xdc such that I have commented out the following:

#create_clock -period 6.060 [get_ports PixelClk]
#create_generated_clock -source [get_ports PixelClk] -multiply_by 5 [get_ports SerialClk]

But it didn't help. What more can I do?

Suggestions, advises?

I have attached the top level xdc.








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Hi @jpeyron,

Thanks for posting the link.

But I am constraining the tmdi input clock at the top level. I tried again and get the same error message.

Note that I had done a similar IP upgrade of the dvi2rgb and rgb2dvi cores as the author of the link mentioned you had done.

# < 80MHz TMDS clock
#create_clock -period 12.5 [get_ports TMDS_rx_i_clk_p]
create_clock -period 13.468 -waveform {0.000 6.734} [get_ports TMDS_rx_i_clk_p]


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The error message complains about the internal frequency of the MMCM in rgb2dvi being too high. There are two things that influence the error message: the input clock frequency, and the parameters of the clock primitive. The input clock frequency is propagated from dvi2rgb and is originally coming from the TMDS_rx_i_clk_p port. The parameters of the clock primitive are exposed in the rgb2dvi IP wizard as the expected resolution/clock frequency.

Your project seems to have the latter set to expect a low resolution/frequency, hence the 15x multiplication factor. However the input clock is timed for the highest DVI frequency possible at 165MHz (6.06ns).

In a synthesized design you can execute the write_xdc command to dump all constraints to a file. Then look for the erroneous clock definition to find where it is coming from.

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