Pmod IP for HB5 in Vivado

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I'm trying to configure my Basys 3 board to control a DC motor through the Pmod connector with an HB5 within Vivado. I've followed all steps in the Pmod IP tutorial but I'm stuck at 3.3. I'm not sure which specific pmod ip block I should use or how exactly to connect it. I couldn't find one corresponding to the hb5. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Additional points:

  • I don't need clocks or interrupts fed to the pmod
  • I'm simply trying to control the operation (on/off) of the motor through one of the on-board switches.



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Hi @GabeD,

We have not had time to make an IP Core for the Pmod HB5. We do have VHDL and Verilog projects on the PMOD HB5 Wiki page. The is a community project done by someone with a Zybo and posted on Instructables. You can use the HDL code for the Pmod HB5 along with the vivado function add a module to allow the Pmod HB5 HDL code to work with your microblaze project. Here is a forum thread the discusses how to use the add a module function and has an example as well.


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