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Victor McKeighan

Install Failed for Linux Runtime


I'm trying to install the Linux Runtime under cygwin on a Windows 10 platform. Getting this message on the first library file:


I checked to make sure lib64/libdabs.so exists, and it does, so I don't understand the error. Could this be a privileges issue? I am the administrator on the PC. Do I need to do something to run with root privilege? I did install the SDK without this problem. Hope someone can help.



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Jon,  I tried the fix shown in the link you provided, but had no success. When I ran the command, I got ---

$ cygstart --action=runas ./install.sh
Unable to start 'install.sh': There is no application associated with the given file name extension.

It couldn't find an application to run a shell script? I don't get that.

I also tried opening Cygwin terminal with "Run as Administrator", but it made no difference.

At any rate, the error message "error: invalid filename - lib64/libdabs.so" does not sound like a privilege issue.



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