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How to Send Signal to Arduino with Analog Discovery 2?

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Hi @Mirandamay

You could use the WaveForms SDK. Starting with the AnalogIn_Record_int16.py or AnalogIn_Record.py example script and modifying it to send the data chunks from the record loop to the desired protocol (like COM), or using the device DIO (see Digital_Spi.py, Digital_Uart.py, Digital_I2c.py)
The examples are located in the following path: C:/Program Files (x86)/Digilent/WaveFormsSDK/samples/py/ 

You could also send acquisition data over SPI with the WaveForms application like this:


    var rg16 = []
    var r = Scope1.Channel1.Range.value
    var o = Scope1.Channel1.Offset.value
    // convert float to 16bit integer
        rg16.push(max(-32768, min(32767, v*32768/r+o)))
    if(!Protocol.SPI.Write(16, rg16)) break


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