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Basys 3 Xilinx Vivado Design Suite Voucher


Hi everyone! 

I'm Jorge an Electronics Engineer who want to buy the Basys 3 FPGA for the first time. I took some FPGA subjects at the University and I did some practical stuff using a Spartan 3 FPGA and Nexys 2 through ISE design suite. Now I want to have my own FPGA to continue learning myself and do some crazy stuff.

Basys 3 description sais that it is not supported by xillinx ISE, so the only possibility is to use it through Vivado. My big doubt is: should I buy the 'Vivado Design Suite Voucher' together with the FPGA?? It is only 10$ difference. What is the difference between buy it or no? Can I generate the bytestream in Vivado without having the voucher? 

Finally, if I buy the 'Vivado Design Suite Voucher', when does the license finish? Should I buy 2 vouchers? 

Is it posible to use Vivado Voucher license in 2 pcs? my home pc and my laptop. 

Thanks for the help, I'm still quite new with this kind of programs and licenses. Up to now we used the ISE web pack. 


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Hi Jorge,

These are all very common and great questions about licensing. 

The Voucher that you can buy with the Basys 3 is for the Design Edition of Vivado. Just as in ISE you can get the free webpack version license for vivado, which will allow you to generate a bitstream. 

You can view the differences between the Design Edition and Webpack edition on this graph

The Voucher that you can buy with the Basys 3 allows you to upgrade to the latest versions for a year, and then remains static.

The Voucher that comes with the Basys 3 is node locked, as is the webpack edition. This means that you can only use it on one computer. 

Hope this helps! 


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