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Digital Discovery SPI interface


Hi I'd like to buy Digital Discovery to interface FPGA board to PC.

As i saw the datasheet, It says that Digital Discovery has SPI read function. 
If the FPGA sends an SPI signal through Digital I / O, can the PC determine the SPI signal from the code and store the data?
If you know, Please let me know.

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Hi @Sung

The WaveForms application can be used in demo mode to explore the features. In demo mode the protocol signals are not generated properly but you can see the options a real device would provide.

1. You can use the Logic Analyzer to capture and decode communication.
This is mostly useful for debugging protocol like for timing, glitches...


2. You can use the Protocol interface to send or to capture data and save in text file.
You can also use JS code to automate communication in Custom tab or Script interface.


3. You can use the WaveForms SDK to create custom application/script.


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