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Analog Discovery 2 AWG2 Output Issue


I encountered a peculiar issue when using AWG2 of the Analog Discovery 2.

Physical connections were as follows:

 1+ to W2

 1- to GND

When AWG2 is set to generate a sine wave voltage <= 1.00V, the output seems to be a clipped version of a voltage referenced to +5V (USB +ve rail).

At any voltage above that (>1.001), the output is fine. 

I'm using Waveforms 3.8.2 on a 64bit Win10 PC.

I've  attached a screen capture:


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Hi @avnrdf

I suppose the AWG2 is wrongly calibrated at low gain. Wavegen 2 LG additive parameter should be a few millivolts (like 0.005, 0.016) but on your device is around 5.5

Open WaveForms/ Settings/ Device Manager/ Calibration and select Reset/Load factory




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