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FMC-CE and 1.8 Vadj


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Hi @ululuk,

I reached out to one of our design engineers about this forum thread and they responded that the VADJ pins of the FMC connector on the schematic here are tied to a net named “VCC2V5”, which implies that they are expecting the voltage provided by the Carrier to be 2.5V. They did not check the input thresholds of every IC ON the board, but IC7 is a level shifter that takes signals coming from the FMC connector and level shifts them up to 5V so that they can drive the LCD. According to the datasheet for the level translator the minimum voltage required for a level high input is 2.0V. Therefore they do not expect the FMC-CE to work with Xilinx boards that only have 1.8V on VADJ.

thank you,




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