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Max32 with ethernet shield and labview


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Thanks for info and link.   Sorry it raised some question.

1) Does this ethernet  shield communicate to the PIC via SPI?  If not SPI, what is it, thanks

2) Are SPI connections passed up thru this ethernet shield?

3) Is there a pmod shield for the MAX32?


Thanks in advance,


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Hi @Marty,

The ethernet shield communicates with the Max32 with a variety of protocols since it takes advantage of the existing hardware on the Max32 chip (such as the CAN hardware). There are a few sections at the end of reference manual that explain which Max32 pins are used for the Network Shield here.

Yes, the SPI signals are passed up through the shield, but naturally you would not be able to use those signals for a different device that also uses SPI without using a different chip select pin.

Unfortunately, we do not have a Pmod Shield for the Max32.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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Thanks for your time,  I'm willing to abandon SPI communications completely if the network shield behaves propery for the MAX32 (same quality as the USB does for WF32).  That being said, I get this feeling that the SPI communications was slightly compromised with the network shield attached to MAX32 ,while  CAN and I2C enhanced in some aspect vs nothing made better for SPI.   As I read info (see two things below) and  some  negative things on the web about the MAX32-Network shield marrage when it involved SPI.   

That being all said, is it fair to say it is more efficient (time, money, frustration and quality) to avoid SPI if other solutions (using MAX32 and network shield)  are equally availible, especially considering the implementer has a C grade skillset for software and digital communication (SPI, I2C, uart, CAN, ect ect)?


Digilent highlights of  network shield (SPI not mentioned)


Usable with the Max32

SMSC LAN8720 10/100 Ethernet PHY

RJ45 connector with integral magnetics

USB device and host connectors

Two MCP2551 CAN transceivers

Two 12-pin header connectors for CAN

Two I2C daisy chain connectors

256Kbit I2C EEPROM

32.768 KHz oscillator



From REF Manual of MAX32 (cuttable trace related to SPI)

On Arduino boards, the corresponding connector is also used as an in-system programming connector as well as providing access to some of the SPI signals. On Arduino boards, pin 5 of this connector is connected to the reset net. Max32™ Board Reference Manual Copyright Digilent, Inc. All rights reserved. Other product and company names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners. Page 10 of 20 Some Arduino shields, notably, the Ethernet shield, connect J13 pin 5 to the reset net on pin 1 of connector J10. This causes the processor to be reset each time an attempt is made to access the SPI port. Jumper JP2 can be used to break the connection between J13 pin 5 and reset when using Arduino shields that make this connection. JP2 has a cuttable trace on the bottom of the board that can be cut to break the connection between SPI SS and reset. JP2 is not loaded at the factory. To restore the connection, solder a 2-pin header at the JP2 position and install a shorting block. A reset button is at the upper left corner of the board. Pressing this button will reset the PIC32 microcontroller.







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