ZYBO vs Arty Z7

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Looking for some advice on wether to purchase Zybo or Arty Z7 board. What is the difference between two boards and what kind of applications each board is geared towards?

I am new to FPGA’s looking for a board that I can grow with. I am intrigued by Xilinx APsocs chips.

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Hi @Muqeet,

Both dev boards have zynq processors.  Both boards have petalinux projects made for them here. Here is the resource center for the Zybo and here for the Arty Z7. You can use the resource center to compare the 2 boards.The major differences is the I/O and components.  I would look at how you plan on using the FGPA and choose the board that best suits your I/O and component needs. 

thank you,


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