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Pmod for LVDS (Arty S7)


Hi all,

I have an Arty board and I want to use LVDS connections for my project that run at 80 MHz. From here, JB and JC are the high speed pmods that should be used for LVDS and connect this to an ADC chip. Actually, this is my first time using this connection. So,  My questions are:

1- What is the digilent's Pmod that I have to buy to be used for LVDS?

2- How I can make the communication between the arty and the ADC chip? Is it only a wire or there is something else?

3- If I want more LVDS channels, can I use the I/O expansion module?


Thank you.


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Hi @Mazen,

All of the I/O Banks are 3v3 so you cannot do LVDS  output as describe in this xilinx forum. I know that you can use LVDS input on 3v3  I/O Banks banks with the Artix-7 without having a level shifter. I have not seen anything in the documentation/forums about this with the Spartan 7.  You could potentially use something like the Pmod LVLSHFT here. We do not have a specific Pmod that facilitates LVDS.  What ADC are you planning on using? Have you looked into using the on board XADC?

thank you,


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