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How to flash ArtyZ7 SPI flash with FPGA stand alone design


Hello ,

I am using VIVADO 2018.2 HLx editions  (Windows)

Do you have the steps required program the Digilent ARTY Z7 -20   SPI flash with a standalone FPGA design?

I have followed a number of web examples that claim to show the route to follow none of which work. They are either incomplete or for the wrong version of ARTY , VIVADO and SDK.



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Hi @Philip,

Unfortunately, we do not have a spi flash example/tutorial for the Arty Z7-20. I have passed this suggestion on to our content team.  I did find some forum threads, documents and a free  ebook with tutorial that might be helpful here , here , here, ,here and here. They will be for other zynq boards but should be the same process.

thank you,


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