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Digilent Adept with JTAG-HS2 cannot save table on Windows 10



I am trying to get Digilent Adept working on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise (which, as far as I understood, should be supported). 

With Win7 x64, on the same machine, everything is working fine.

On Win10, when I open Adept, I see that no devices are recognized (USB Serial Converter is recognized in Windows Device Manager).


To get it working, I need to go to Adept Device Manager, click Enumerate, get the serial number, give some alias, and click Add Dvc, then Save, after which I get the "Cannot Save Table" message.


When I go back to Adept main window, and click on the "Connect device" drop down box, it is suddenly recognized.


I can use the JTAG-HS2 right until I close the Adept application. If I reboot the system, or just close and reopen Adept, I have to do everything again. Didn't have this issue on Win7.

I have UAC disabled via registry, so it is running in Admin mode (tried to right click > run as administrator, didn't help).

Adept runtime and Application versions are as follows:


I suspect there is some kind of a compatibility issue of Adept with my version of Windows (10 x64 Ent version 1803)

Can somebody please help?



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Hi @vadim6385,

The design engineer got back to me. They think it’s some kind of issue with reading the device table file.  They want you to enable debug logging, reproduce the problem again, and then send us the log file.

Please set the following environment variables:


You will have to edit the path of the logfile to be the path of a directory that the user account has write permission.

thank you,


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