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Audio Analyzer Suite for Analog Discovery


Just wanted to let fellow users of the Analog Discovery module know that a member of the EEVBlog forum has written an excellent application which adds some additional audio related testing capabilities to the already multi-talented Analog Discovery device. The lengthy forum thread discussing the 'Audio Analyzer Suite' by forum member 'jaxbird' can be found here...


The above thread also contains quite a few screenshots of the software in action. New features were added to the application as the forum thread grew in length (reply #51 of the thread has a download link for the software). I've found it to be a really useful addition to my test bench since I mainly work on audio related projects/repairs.

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The Analog Discovery and Audio Analyzer Suite software combination that I mentioned in my original post above can be see in action in this new video by the software developer. He's shown using the test setup to document the performance of one of his vacuum tube amplifiers.


I just thought that some fellow Analog Discovery users might find the video interesting.

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Hi @Paw Lemming,

I'm not sure if it's available; looking at the comments in this YouTube video, it seems the original hosting site was taken down for some (unknown) reason.

Alternatively, as per this thread on our Forum, you can use the script tool with the Spectrum Analyzer to accomplish some similar techniques. 


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If someone can get me this file I will host it on my personal website for life at no cost. I have tried 2 other threads and forums looking for a working version.

My site is www.HallmanLabs.com

You can use the contact me feature there or just PM me on here for my email.


Thanks and lets get this program hosted by a website that isn't going anywhere!

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