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Using Pmods with Arty board (Microblaze) in C/C++


Hi all,

I've recently bought an Arty board (Microblaze processor) and some Pmods (PmodDPOT, PmodDAs, PmodADs), which use SPI protocol. I've looked everywhere for an example on how to access the Pmod headers or just how to use Pmods with the Arty but I couldn't find anything (even on the reference wiki page for the Arty). I found a library for SPI on Xilinx SDK which is called Xspi but I also am not sure how to use it. Can anybody perhaps help me by giving me the basic steps on how to do this? I'm very new to FPGA, so any feedback or suggestions are welcome!



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I can think of two ways to work with the SPI interface. One way would be to use the SPI IP core in Vivado along with the Microblaze soft processor. You can find the information on how to set up the core here (check Chapter 3: Designing with the Core). You will have to create a Vivado project and use the block design in order to put together a project and after that you can use the SDK to program the Microblaze.

Here is how it will look.

The other way would be to create your own SPI interface peripheral in VHDL. You can find such examples on the Nexys3 page here although it may prove more complicated since you will have to make the component communicate via one of the AXI buses (if you want to use Microblaze) which is why I recommend that you go with the first option. 


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