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ARTY board, external 12V power does't work


My ARTY works well when powerd by USB port(J10 connected, J13 set to USB).

But it can not power on when I plugin a 12V adaptor into J12(J10 not connect, J13 set to REF).The voltage between J13 REG pins is 0V and voltage around R245 is 12V. No chips fever.

I tested some voltages on around the IC12 with the 12V adaptor plugined in, as the following.

My ARTY  is a new one, maybe the IC12 damaged?


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Thank you  for the very accurate information you have provided.

According to the reference manual 


it is important that the external power supply provides a  "center-positive" voltage. Can you please check this as well ?




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It is January of 2018 and I am having the EXACT SAME issue as reported here, down to all of the details.  Please see my thread here:

As a debug step I even tried providing Vcc via pin header J7 (to remove issues related to the center-positive plug) and got the same behavior.


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