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I am new to PIC programming and recently purchased my first board pro MX7 with a PmodAD5 and a PmodDA2 and I am having a blast trying to program the stuff. Actually I am having a hard time for I am also new with C C++ programming. That being said, my current project is to implement a motorized linear displacement with a Load Cell and motor control and Position Encoder and get all this to perform some intelligent moves. So, I need to command my motor with the PmodDA2, Read the Load Cell with PmodAD5 and read my Quadrature Encoder with, ???, I don't know yet.

I was looking at the LS7366 from LSI and then decided to look at the Pmod selection of modules. I am surprise to find no Pmod that can actually read an encoder? Or, did I missed it ?

Implementing a Pmod-LS7366 module to add to the Digilent collection of modules would be convenient to us, beginners, who are not proficient enough to implement C code for quadrature reading. I know that Microchip controller are capable of such task. But I also read that it is better to implement the function into a separate hardware dedicated to the task and read the position value from that chip rather than implementing the code into the main controller. Risks of miss count are higher when the implementation is within the main controller.

Besides, coding the main controller on top of my main application is quite a challenge for a beginner like me.

So, here is my suggestion for Digilent:

Make a Pmod-LS7366 with compatible Sketch and library.

And if someone as a beginner solution for my Encoder Reading Needs, please advise...


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