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Board definition file of Zybo Z7-20 for SDx


Hi all,


Can you please tell me where can I find the Board definition file of Zybo Z7-20 for SDx ?

I don't care about the SDx version.


The only Board definition file of Zybo Z7-20 I found is the Vivado version one: https://github.com/Digilent/vivado-boards/tree/master/new/board_files/zybo-z7-20



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I think you mean the .pfm file referenced in the custom platform generation tutorial video? The ones from Xilinx are at Xilinx\SDx\2018.2\platforms. However, I too would like to know where the Digilent ones are that are referred to in the video at 1:11 here https://www.xilinx.com/video/soc/sdsoc-custom-platform-generation.html I also, have not been able to find them...they may not exist which would mean they have to be created from scratch as a custom platform.

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