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Hello folks. Teething troubles with Coolrunner-II board

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I am interested in converting one of my designs, developed in random logic, into a CPLD.  I have never used a CPLD before and decided to learn on the Digilent CoolRunner-II.  I have the board (PB200-146 Rev. F) and the proper USB cable.  I have downloaded and installed the Xilinx ISE WebPACK in design Suite 14.7 and obtained the necessary licenses.  I have also downloaded the contents of the CD provided by Xilinx and installed the "Coolrunner-II Utility Window" software.  Upon connecting the board to the computer, running Win XP, the system found all the drivers for it and installed them without any errors. The board is identified as a "Digilent USB Device" by the Device Manager.  The board powers up just fine and runs the pre-programed timer demo. The two red LEDs labeled USB 3V3 and 3V3 and the yellow LED labeled LINK are all on.

However I am unable to get any response from the Coolrunner-II Utility Window software.  It indicates that it is unable to connect to the device when I try to start the temperature and voltage logging or try to program the .jed demonstration file provided.  I have also tried to connect to the board from the IMPACT software, selecting each of the two Digilent USB options but have failed to establish a connection. I have looked at the Reference Manual on the website but it does not cover this level of detail.  I would appreciate any help or pointers anyone can offer.  Is there a clear instruction sheet on how to use this board with the software? Should I be using ADEPT-2 software to program this board???


- G. Singh

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G. Singh,

It sounds like you are either having a driver or software incompatibility issue. Here are the release notes for the version of ISE you are running. I would recommend checking to make sure all the OS and processor requirements are met (page 7), and checking out the driver installation guide (page 11). I've had issues with drivers appearing to install correctly, when really they didn't, so its always worth a shot. 

Hope this helps!


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