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JTAG-HS1 with breadboardable CoolRunner-II



I'm planning on buying the product "Cmod C2: Breadboardable CoolRunner-II CPLD Module" to make some prototypes of future designs. I saw that, in order to program its CPLD (XC2C64A), I need to buy a USB to JTAG cable. Is the Diligent's JTAG-HS1 programming cable compatible with that CPLD and board?. I will be using the last version of ISE on Windows 10, will it be a problem?.

If it helps answering, this are the links of the Digilent's store of those products:

Breadboardable CoolRunner-II: https://store.digilentinc.com/cmod-c2-breadboardable-coolrunner-ii-cpld-module/

JTAG-HS1 programming cable: https://store.digilentinc.com/jtag-hs1-programming-cable-limited-time/

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Hi @Jaime_mc2,

The JTAG-HS1 will work with this cpld as shown in the reference manual under Supported Target Devices here. I believe the ISE made for window 10 only works with spartan 6 devices.  You might need to use the original ISE 14.7 either in a VM or try to get it working in window 10.

thank you,


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