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ChipKit uc32 and Analog Shield



i am having trouble using the chipkit uc32 together with the analog shield here https://store.digilentinc.com/analog-shield-high-performance-add-on-board-for-the-arduino-uno-retired/

When i connect the Shield to my Arduino UNO one samples needs about 10 microseconds witch should be right. 
Instead if i connect it to the chipKit uc32 it takes about a 150 microseconds. 

I guess the SPI communication is not working properly  but i dont know why. 

Since i dont know wether the board is the retired version or the newest i thought it might not work if its the old one. 

Did anybody else have a similar problem or is there a way to find out wether my uc32 is the old or new revision. 

Thx in advance

I solved the problem. 
Instead of using the Arduino IDE i switched to MPIDE. Now it works with a sample rate of 1sample / 25 microseconds. 
There might be a problem with the Additional Board Manager URL for the Arduino IDE. I might take a look at it if i have the time.


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Hi @vule,

It took me a long while to find the error since everything compiles properly and the output voltage worked correctly, but I did find an error in the analog read function where the conversion of the data out of Two's complement into unipolar data was not working correctly. I have attached the analogShield.cpp that I used in my project (with the various debugging print statements commented out).



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