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I'm looking to order one of the components from the analog parts kit (https://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?NavPath=2,842,845&Prod=APK). I administer a teaching lab and we've been using the ADXL327. Students have (of course) managed to damage a few, and in addition to replacing them, I'd love to actually order enough to stock one of our standalone bins with them, but the individual components are not catalog items. Any way to get these handy breakout boards?



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Just small correction/clarification... The break out board Wespo pointed to (Cmod IC7), which is included in the Digilent parts kit - is a Digilent product, and doesn't have anything to do with ADI. (Larissa - that's still on you :)




Larissa is correct - the part on the Cmod IC7 board is the ADI ADXL327 part, and we do offer our own breakout board for it. (and only mention it since I'm not sure that Larissa has "extra" break out boards lying around - I'm pretty sure that Digilent builds them up for the kits, and when they need 1000 kits, they build 1000 boards -- someone from Digilent would need to confirm).




You might be able to order that from the form that Larissa gave -- I'm not sure -- it does say "no eval boards". Let me know how it goes. If it doesn't work - please let me know.



BTW -- the most common student error is connecting these to 5V (they are 3.3V only, and the only 3.3V only part in the parts kit). This is one of the reasons we included the ADP3300 (Cmod IC8), a 3.3V regulator in the parts kit as well.




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