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PMOD MTDS Set Up for Design on Zybo Z7


I am trying to connect my PMOD MTDS to the Zybo Z7, without Arduino. I have integrated the IP files, connected it via block diagram, and set up a FAT32 microSD with the 2 files that are needed also. When trying to connect to Vivado I can seem to figure out how to get to the console for which I can do MTDS Firmware code so I can do a custom UI.  Documentation does not help much with connecting this PMOD. Please advise if you're familiar thanks.

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Hi @thenuge,

You should follow the Getting Started with Digilent Pmod IPs to help with adding the Pmod MTDS IP core to a zynq design. Here is the Multi-Touch Display System page which explains that once your project is to SDK you should follow the readme that can be found here: \vivado-library\ip\Pmods\PmodMTDS_v1_0\drivers\PmodMTDS_v1_0\examples . There are also multiple demo's to help show you how you can use the library to make a custom project.

thank you,




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