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Zybo Z7 UART0


I am trying to add UART0 on to the PMOD JF connection (the PS PMOD)

I have configured this in the Zynq on the block design.

I select MIO 10/11 as the UART pair but no matter what I have tried the BSP that is generated does not contain UART0

(I am trying to add this to an existing SDK project, bare metal)

Any ideas that I can try?

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bare metal

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Hi, dbkincaid,

May be my configuration for Zybo 1st generation  will help you. I've used PmodRS232 Rev.A 2004.

When I have unresponsive SDK I usually erase .sdk and .cache folders, then restart SDK and recreate the source from backup. In most cases this measure restored SDK sanity.



UART0 conf.JPG

BSP conf.JPG

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