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Chipkit WF32



I am using a ChipKit WF32. Works great with the MPIDE. but when I try to compile with the Arduino ad in for Visual Studio, which I have configured to use MPIDE core.

I keep getting this error:

ld.exe:cannot open linker script file C:\Program Files (x86)\mpide-0150\hardware\pic32\cores\pic32\chipKIT-application-32MX695F512.ld: Invalid argument.

When I look at this directory, this is a partial listing:

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 75 Arduino.h

2015-10-31 03:59 PM <DIR> avr

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 10,894 binary.h

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 8,097 chipKIT-application-32MX120F032-nobootloader.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,545 chipKIT-application-32MX120F032.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 8,197 chipKIT-application-32MX250F128-nobootloader.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,615 chipKIT-application-32MX250F128.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 8,272 chipKIT-application-32MX320F128-nobootloader.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,539 chipKIT-application-32MX320F128.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,539 chipKIT-application-32MX340F512.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,539 chipKIT-application-32MX360F512.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,539 chipKIT-application-32MX440F128.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,539 chipKIT-application-32MX440F256.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,539 chipKIT-application-32MX440F512.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 8,275 chipKIT-application-32MX460F512-nobootloader.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,539 chipKIT-application-32MX460F512.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 8,296 chipKIT-application-32MX470F512-nobootloader.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,541 chipKIT-application-32MX470F512.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 8,296 chipKIT-application-32MX795F512-nobootloader.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 7,541 chipKIT-application-32MX795F512.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 56,981 chipKIT-application-COMMON-MZ.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 31,216 chipKIT-application-COMMON.ld

2015-10-31 03:59 PM 1,574 Client.h


My question is, since my ChipKit WF32 board has a 32MX695F512 chip on it and it is not listed in the list. is there one of these files that I can copy and rename to chipKIT-application-32MX695F512.ld that would satisfy the compiler, because Visual studio is a very good and powerful IDE.

Any info would be appreciated.


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Apparently, the file you are looking for is at a different location (both in the MPIDE folder and the chipkit CORE folder).



I am not sure if this will solve your issue or not.


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Some update on the Arduino IDE for ChipKit. It works well with my simple test on the ChipKits WF32 and Wi-Fire, but get a "cannot erase chip error" when trying to program the ChipKit uC32. the MPIDE has no such issue.



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