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i want to work on a video project which board will be better zybo or pynq . as i have studied that pynq has unbufferd hdmi.
suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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The Zybo Z7-20 will be better for video projects due to the following reasons:

1) Double the DDR bandwidth

2)Double the DDR capacity (mostly relevant for Linux video apps)

3)Fixed HDMI backpowering issue. A monitor attached to the pynq board has to be disconnected every time the board is power cycled because it will back power the Pynq through the HDMI port. This has been fixed in the Zybo Z7.

4) This might not be relevant, but the Zybo Z7 has a Pcam connector for attaching an image sensor directly to the Zynq, which tends to allow for lower latency camera input compared to an HDMI camera

5) This is only relevant if you are planning to use SDSoC and/or reVISION, but Zybo Z7-20 has the best reVISION support of all Digilent boards.

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