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Bluetooth Shield On Chipkit Uc 32

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An engineer at Microchip Taiwan made bluetooth shield which can be controlle through Android. 


Here are sketch and Application Development Kit (APK) which can only be installed on Andriod 4.3


#define KitLED 2 // APP-ESS14-2 : D8
#define KitWakeupHardware 11 // APP-ESS14-2
#define KitWakeupSoftware 12 // APP-ESS14-2
#define CMD_MLDP 13 // APP-ESS14-2
void setup()
  pinMode(PIN_LED1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(PIN_LED2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(KitLED, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(KitWakeupHardware, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(KitWakeupSoftware, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(CMD_MLDP, OUTPUT);
void loop() 
  digitalWrite(KitWakeupHardware, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(KitWakeupSoftware, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(CMD_MLDP, LOW);
  digitalWrite(CMD_MLDP, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(PIN_LED2, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(KitLED, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(PIN_LED2, LOW);
    digitalWrite(KitLED, LOW);
    Serial1.print("This Message from ChipKIT uC32!rn");

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