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Some questions about the ZYBO board


I am new to this forum, so I may introduce myself first. I am from Germany and currentlly visiting a technical college here.
Next year I will go to a University to study electronic engineering. My biggest hobby is to waste some time with electronics.
I really like microcontroller and spend already some time programming them. Now I want to continue with FPGAs.
I want to be able to handle some faster data transmissions compared to microcontrollers.
My questions now are about the Pmod connectors. How fast data transmissions can I get? In the document which is aviable
at the Zybo page there is written that a regular pin can handle 24MHz. How about the high-speed Pmods?
Will it be able to achive a maximum of about 200MHz? Is it possible to short the 200Ohm resistors of the normal Pmods
to use them as high-speed Pmods or is the PCB layout not suitable?

Greetings, MrMcChicken

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Hi MrMcChicken,

Check out these two other forum posts here and here where some other users had similar questions and received some better answers than I can personally provide.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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