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Vivado license of ZYBO voucher


I have bought the ZYBO Zynq™-7000 Development Board with "Voucher for Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite: Design Edition ",and there are something I want to make sure before I use this Vivado Voucher.

(1)This voucher said that the code of license may only be used once.so if I have generate the license file and used it on my Vivado Design Suite,but I want to reinstall my computer's OS or reinstall the Vivado Design Suite in the future then this license cannot be used again ?

(2)This license can only enable  use of the Logic Analyzer tools ? How about the others Vivado's software likes Vivado HLS ?

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There is a couple of things that the license manager uses as a host identifier:

a. Hostname

b. Ethernet MAC addresses

c. C: Drive serial number.

Changing your host name to match your license is pretty easy.

As long as you don't change your hardware then 'b' stays the same, and if you do change your H/W then some drivers allow you to change your MAC address in the adapter's advanced properties

Changing the C: drive serial number is harder, as the serial number is also stored in the registry to identify the boot device. If you change it you can end up with an unbootable OS.. Googling for "change c drive serial number" will point you to tools and/or processes to do this. I've had to do it when moving a Solidworks license to a new Workstation - make sure you have made a recovery disk/USB stick.

The upshot is that even if the license can not be re-issued it still can be recovered - it is painful, but can be done with a bit of Googlefu.

For Linux users things are a little bit easier - the software is tied to the MAC address of the eth0 network adapter. I've heard that some people put in a PCIe NIC in their workstation, then disable the on-board NIC in BIOS before they license their software. That way the license is tied to the PCIe card, making it act like a dongle that can be moved to a new PC. If you don't do this, or can't because you have a Linux laptop, you can rename the eth0 device to eth1, and then us the "dummy" driver to create a 'fake' eth0 with the correct MAC address to reactivate the license.

If the idea of running the tools in a virtual machine (VM) appeals to you (so you can move the VM between machines), make sure you set the MAC address of the virtual NIC before you license the VM, Some visualization products (e.g. VMware) don't allow you to use an arbitrary MAC address, just one within a pre-set manufacturer ID. range

Anyhow, that's a few ideas


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For (2), I guess the answer is yes for now as Xilinx opens the HLS in design edition.


I installed the Vivado 15.4 HLx Webpack edition, and grabbed the latest HLx license. it does now include the virtual Logic Analyzer - I tested it on my Basys3 this morning.

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