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Nexys4DDR Linux


What happened to the Embedded Linux topic on the Nexys4DDR wiki page? It was "under construction" and now it's removed.

I was looking forward to see this project since I got my Nexys4DDR. What happened? Didn't the Artix7 have enough power or did Nexys4DDR have to few ressources?




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Hi Jago,

The Nexys4DDR has plenty of resources to run Linux, unfortunately Digilent doesn't  :(...

We had hoped to put together a petalinux BSP for a microblaze design and post it there, but it ended up slipping off the schedule and never finding its way back on. I'm still hoping that we find the resources to circle back around to it at some point, but in the meantime we shouldn't have a link to something that we aren't even scheduled to work on.

If you are already somewhat familiar with microblaze and Vivado IPI, you may be able to take a crack at it yourself. Try the following steps:

1) Follow this guide to get a working microblaze design for the Nexys4DDR: https://reference.digilentinc.com/nexys4-ddr:gsmbs 

2) Connect the UART interrupt, add a Quad SPI controller and connect it to the onboard SPI flash (it should automate with the board file), and put the microblaze core in "Linux with MMU" mode.

3) Follow the steps in this guide from the start, skipping the "PetaLinux BSP Installation" section (since we don't have a BSP). It will guide you on how to export your microblaze design into Petalinux and then use petalinux to build and run a linux environment.




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