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Waveforms Script Printing



    I have an Analog Discovery (legacy) and the latest Waveforms app.  I am trying to write a script that makes the protocol module write to a 24C16 eeprom, read it back, and print to the screen or  window.  I can access th I2C (can see on my scope), but I can't print anything.  The print() function does nothing unless in debug mode, but then the app seems to hang.  I tried Custom mode and Sensor mode.  And I tried the ADXL345 example, with a known good breakout board, and it always returns the same thing, doesn't change with orientation of the chip (but my main concern is the eeproms)

    Why is the output window at the bottom of the script area only one line long.  The only thing that shows up there is the results of return statements. 

    How can I see the I2C and run the script at the same time ?  The logic analyzer only shows the first two I2C bytes, so I'm using an external scope.

    What does the manual mean when it says the the I2C can only send when in debug ?  Isn't that a show-stopper ?  Am I missing some key piece of documentation ?  The manual does not say much about how all of this stuff works.

- Thanks

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Hi @agnichatian

The print function is only available in the Script tool. The Protocol/I2C is accessible from the Script tool.
Note that the last Read function arguments have different order!

The Protocol/Custom the bottom line is only for the return of the execution, but you can log to file using File, FileWrite, FileAppendLine... objects/function


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