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Fmc Hmi Display


Hi, I have a question from the customer about the customized display for FMC HMI. Can someone help?


Can the FMC-HMI card be customized with new display?

​This supports LCD with 800x480. Can 1280x800 display be used instead?

Is this card supported by Synopsys HAPS6x and 7x platforms?

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I believe I can help with this.


This board is pretty cool and in answer to your first question 'Can the card be customized with a new display?' Yes, it should but after looking at the TFTs manufacturers site http://www.tianma-europe.com, I haven't found any other display that would work with this connector, granted I only looked at 5. This reduced selection is determined by the connector chosen by the board designer and it uses a unique 45 pin FPC (Fine Pitch Connector) to communicate with the TFT.


In order to see what was available I looked at two different sites for TFTs, http://www.newhavendisplay.com and http://www.displaymodule.com/, they both use a 40 pin fine pitch connector that have similar pin configuration, I've used both in the past and the transition from a 4.3" TFT to a 5.0" TFT seems like it would only be a matter of modifying HDL and not a new board spin.


Concerning your second question: 'Does this board support 1280x800?' Unfortunately, I doesn't appear to be so. Here are the list of TFTs that company produces: http://www.tianma-europe.com/products/tftcolormodules/index.html It looks like that company only supports up to 1024 x 768 and most of these TFTs require an LVDS interface, as apposed to a simple single ended parallel interface.


I do have a suggestion for you, if you would like to interface with a screen the size of 1280 x 800 you might want to look at the Atlys devboard

(I don't work for Digilent)



coupled with a setup like this from Adafruit

(I don't work for Adafruit)



A company I worked with said the example HDMI code found on the Atlys website worked really well.


I looked into you last question about the Synopsys HAPS6X or ".."7X and unfortunately I couldn't even download the product brief for the project without signing my life away so I can't directly help you there. If you do have access to the product brief you can find if the HAPSXX supports FMC LPC interface, if so HUZZAH!


Good luck,


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