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Arty and Ethernet



I am working with an Arty FPGA board in a personal project that involves the use of a computer and Ethernet to control the FPGA.

 As a first step, I want to manage the leds by using the computer. Probably a good choice will be to use a Tera Term terminal and manage the state of the leds with sentences like that:

·         Led 3 state ON

·         Led 2 state ON

·         Led 1 state OFF

·         Led 0 state OFF

The problem is that so far I have never connected the FPGA to the computer using Ethernet before. I know that the best way to manage an Ethernet connection with the Arty is to use the Microblaze, and I have finished the “Getting started with Microblaze Servers” tutorial.

 That tutorial teaches how to implement an echo server but don´t teaches how to send orders from the computer to the FPGA by using Ethernet. Probably it is not as hard at it seems at first sight but it is the first time that I do something like this and I really don´t know how to start.

 What could be the best way to use the computer to connect and control the Arty?

 Is there any tutorial that explains how to remote control an FPGA board using the computer?

 I will appreciate any help and support I can get.


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