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chipkit and usb libraries cannot be used



i'm trying to put together the ETHERNET demo example from the digilent website under the MX7 documents area (schematics, BLINKLED example,,etc...

I downloaded the demo and try to install it into the MPIDE environment.

While compiling the associated libraries, i get the following message:

"The library chipKit network and USB libs-20150115 cannot be used.

Library names must contain only letters and numbers)

ascii only and no spaces..."

The library contains several directories and files. Wich files need to be modified?

Anyone has tried this demo example?



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Dear Rob,

I got the chipKIT Pro MX7 to try and recreate your problem. Unfortunately/fortunately I was not able to recreate your problem. I do have a question as to what Ethernet Demo you are doing? There are multiple multiple demos and then from that I might be able to pinpoint the issue. Also I would go through and do a check on some the little things. Is your sketchbook location in your preferences mapped to the right location? Did you unzip the folders into the libraries folder where the sketchbook location is? I know this seems little and small issues but I have had countless of issues involving the small things. I hope this might have helped a little but if not  we could probably help with more information. Get back to us and we'll try our best.

Best Regards,


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Hi Bobby,

The problem comes from the Dnetck and Dwifick libraries. They contain invalid file names according to the error message reported earlier.

PLease find attached the Dnetck directory file list. You can pinpoint those starting with numbers wich is not valid...



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Hi Robert,

As Bobby mentioned you need to unzip the file (the chipKIT Network and USB Libs-20150115 file) into your libraries folder for MPIDE. The error you're getting is produced when you copy that whole main folder into the MPIDE Libraries file. Instead, you need to open up the file you downloaded from the Digilent website, open the libraries folder that is inside, and then copy all of those folders (the ones you have shown in your first photo) into the MPIDE libraries folder.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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