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"Cannot add Board Part" warnings



I've been having this problem since I got the board and finally decided I want to get rid of it.

I'm using a Nexys4 DDR Board and have downloaded the XDC file from the board website. In my projects I've got the board selected in my project settings as you can see.

Nevertheless I always get these warnings which are really annoying. They are stating some completely different board and I've got no idea where they are coming from. Does anybody know how to get rid of them?

By the way, at the Power tab at Project Summary window it always shows my confidence level as Low. I assume thats because most inputs are missing user specificatons as stated when you click on it. What setting sould I use for unused pins? At the moment the unused ones are simply commented out in the XDC file.




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Hi cbg,

This is something that comes up as a bug of sorts in Vivado (not because of the XDC file). From my understanding the WebPack edition of Vivado (presuming that is what you are using) does not natively come with support for those boards you're seeing (to help keep a lighter install), so you'll continually see those warnings which won't hurt anything, but are annoying as you pointed out.

In terms of removing the errors, I asked around and it sounds like there are two possible solutions. One is to uninstall and reinstall Vivado, but install the System Edition rather than the WebPack. It would still be free like the WebPack and would only have the functionalities of the WebPack, but it would include support for those boards already so the errors should go away. Alternatively, you could try reinstalling the WebPack version and seeing if you can check boxes for those particular board types (the Kintex7 and the Zynq) during the "customization" of the installation process and that may help remove the errors. 

I am not sure as to which one would be the correct approach (I'd personally try WebPack with extra boxes checked) since that'll probably be a faster download, but I personally don't know if it will work as intended.

Let me know if you have any more questions.




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