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Can I Use Basys 3 Vivado License More Than One Comptuer

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I have a customer asking the following question.


If I buy the $10 Basys 3-locked Vivado Design Suite, would the license enable me to install it on more than one computer? And if not, could I purchase an additional copy for another $10?
Can I someone answer?
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The $10 license is device-locked, meaning that you can only run it on a single FPGA architecture as well as on one single computer at a time. When you generate a license file on the Xilinx website, you're prompted to select a device ID for your machine, e.g., a hard drive or a mac address, which means that unless you return the license to Xilinx via the License Manager, you won't be able to run Vivado with such a license on other machines.

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