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Linaro on ZYBO - HDMI not working



I using a this tutorial http://www.instructables.com/id/Setting-up-the-Zybot-Software/ boot a Linaro on zybo board. Everything works normally, HDMI and boot Linaro. When i create a my own BOOT.bin using a system_wrapper.bit  and FSBL.elf from zybo_base_system downloaded from digilent site and following the digilent tutorial to create a u-boot.elf.  Linaro is booting, but the HDMI is not working. I attached the booting logs with HDMI and without HDMI. I think that the VDMA driver is not loading with my BOOT.bin. Please a help with my problem.

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For some reason, I've only managed to get the HDMI working with the pre-built kernel that Digilent provides. When I try to build my own kernel the HDMI output doesn't work. I tried to configure the kernel to match wathever is on the device tree of the tutorial but with no luck. I supposed there is some kernel module that is not available for us

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