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[PMOD] Interface Specifcation Confusion


I was looking at the PmodUSBUART, PmodRS232, PmodRS232X and the Digilent Pmod Interface specification and need some clarifications

The PmodUSBUART and PmodRS232X uses the Type 4 Pinout and the PmodRS232 uses the Type 3 Pinout. 

The table pinout on the Pmod Interface Specification is for the Host for Type 3 and Type 4 UARTs.

Can someone verify that my assumptions are ok?

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Hi azn103,

You are correct in what you are seeing for the Pmods. The reason there is a difference in the first place is because a few years back the PIC32 microcontroller chip was changed so that the UART interface layout/organization changed, resulting the in the Type 3 to Type 4 change that you see. 

The tables in the document are only for the Pmods though; they do not define what the host header looks like, only what the headers on the Pmods themselves look like. A direct pin-to-pin compatible host would instead have the reverse of the pins -- i.e. RTS where there is a CTS and vice-versa, and a TXD where there is a RXD and vice-versa.

Are just wanting to confirm how the Pmod pins are arranged or wanting to see overall how Pmods are designed to interact with the "outside world"?


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