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Logic Gate Issues Using Analog Discovery


I am a teacher new to Analog Discovery.  I am attempting to use the Analog Discovery Module with Waveforms software to demonstrate the electrical behavior of typical logic gates (NAND, NOR, XOR, AND, etc.) to a section of high school seniors.  The IC chips that I am using have been tested with LEDs and push buttons and display the intended outcomes.  However, when I attempt to run logical patterns through the chips using ADM, logical lows on the output just appear to bounce around.

I am attaching files showing Logic, Pattern and Supplies screens.  Output is being measured by DIO2.  I have also tested the same connections by slowing down to 1Hz and .5Hz with the Static IO screen and the light (for NAND, for example) goes {on, on, on, flickers}, giving an equivalent output to that seen on the Logic screen.  The output from the NAND gate shown, below, uses an M74HC00 that works satisfactorily when LEDs and physical switches are used to control input signals.

Thoughts, ideas or suggestions?  

Pattern Screen.png

Logic Screen.png

Supplies Screen.png


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